Neal Garvin

Kids 2 Toons is something personal I’ve been working on where I create a free cartoon illustration for children who are battling with rare diseases, or living with severe disabilities. It’s just a chance to give a little bit of happiness to these brave kids who go through so much adversity every day. I like to find out what the child’s interest are and create something personal for them to enjoy. In the future, I hope to use these illustrations to bring greater awareness to these childhood diseases, and disabilities, and bolster fundraising efforts for the necessary research to cure them.

An offshoot of this project, the creation of the

Cancer Revengers, was the result of a collaboration with a man named Shawn Mahoney and myself. Shawn is the father of a little girl named Layla, who’s fighting a very rare pediatric brain cancer, and who I had created a cartoon illustration for last year. He has teamed up with a team of world renown doctors and pediatric cancer researchers to find a way to beat this rare disease. The Cancer Revengers is a fun way to promote this group of medical professionals, and their mission, through the creation of a comic inspired superhero team.

Layla illustration

Cancer Revengers illustration

Carmela illustration

Captain Nate illustration